Belle Dance Research Paper

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In a small town on the edge of a grand kingdom, lived two young women. Bella was a red-haired girl with freckles on her face, while Belle had blonde hair and bright blue eyes. Both of the girls ' names meant beautiful. Belle 's name was French, while Bella 's name was Spanish. They were both sophomores in high school. They had been partners in ballet ever since they became best friends. They first met each other at a bookstore. They grabbed the same book at the same time. The book was about different positions in ballet. They apologized to each other, and both bought a copy of the book and left. They later met again on the first day of ballet class. They introduced themselves to each other. Over time, they bonded over their similar love of ballet. In their sophomore year, they decided to enter in the biggest ballet competition in the entire kingdom, the Grand Ballet. The Grand Ballet was held every five years. The…show more content…
For the last round, round three, a dancer has to dance the longest out of all the people dancing to win. The dancer has to do this without stopping. Only one person has to participate. Belle and Bella practice everyday for this round. One day while they are practicing, Belle twists her ankle. This is bad for them because Belle is the better dancer when it comes to endurance. Bella practices harder than ever because she has dance in the third round instead of Belle. All the dancers are called into a room. They are instructed to dance until they feel like they are about to fall. Bella pushed herself to the limit for the sake of Belle and herself. Bella is the last one standing after a long period of time. Belle and Bella won the Grand Ballet that year. All the participants and their families were invited to the awards ceremony. At the awards ceremony, Belle and Bella were awarded a trophy to represent their accomplishment. They each got a scholarship of $50,000. A few years later, Belle and Bella got into the best college for ballerinas and were
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