Bellevue Inside Out Analysis

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The 2000’s was a very intense decade, with the occurrence of 9/11 which led to the War in Iraq. A year after 2000, HBO released a documentary named “Bellevue, inside Out” by Maryann DeLeo. In this documentary, the viewer gets to take a look inside Bellevue Hospital located in New York City, which contains a psychiatric institution. The film captures about 12 months inside the psychiatric unit in this hospital. The documentary follows both the employees, such as the emergency room directors, psychiatrists, nurses, etc., as well as the patients admitted into the psychiatric emergency room. As the documentary stated, there are about 7,000 people who encounter the psychiatric emergency room every year at Bellevue. There are various types of…show more content…
Then there are patients like Cheryl. Cheryl is a middle aged white woman, who is mostly seen dressed in sweats and t-shirts. Her hair is usually wild and untamed and she wears a pair of broken glasses, pieced together with tape. Many of these patients have experienced trauma, which may have been minor (i.e. bad grade on an exam) or extreme (i.e. sexual abuse), and may have led them to become more ill. This documentary exposes the truth behind those who suffer a mental illness and shows how they are still people who struggle with the same issues as those without a mental illness.
D.L. Rosenhan was a psychologist and professor who was born in New Jersey in 1929 (Ross & Kavanagh, 2013). During the 1970’s Rosenhan conducted a study which he describes in his article “On Being Sane in Insane Places”. This study took place in the United States, where at the time there were many major events occuring. The1970’s was a revolutionary era, where many marginalized groups were fighting for equality and against the War in Vietnam. This war had many negative effects
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