Bellevue University Case Study

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Bellevue University has two major areas:
Administrative management Academic management
Administrative business processes
Financial aid management
Foundation management
Learning center management
Employment management
Human resource and payroll management
Student registration management
Academic business processes
Program management
Student records management
Student helpdesk
Cloud Service Provider Recommendation
Amazon Web Services
Top cloud service provider
Cover multiple business processes
Data processing and storage management
Web and mobile application support
Enterprise management
Other AWS platform, product, application services
High product quality and support services
Strong security protection services
Reasonable pricing management

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Data management includes:
Object storage
File system storage
Archive storage
Data transport
Integrated storage
Amazon Web Services –Pricing
The amazon web services is based on what we use we need to pay that much money for the cloud (Storage space). The price ranges are different from region to region.
The first month will be free and it varies form operating system ( Each OS having different amount of data for free ).
The price ranges are different for each type of medium like micro, small, medium and large storage space.
For Example: T2.micro 1GB ( $0.018 per hour), t2.small 1GB ($0.036 per hour), t2.medium 1GB (0.072 per hour) and t2.large 1GB($0.134 per hour).
First 1TB/month for standard storage is $0.0300 per GB
Next 49 TB/ month for standard storage is $0.0295 per GB
450 TB/month for standard storage is $0.0290 per GB
4000 TB/month for standard storage is $0.0275 per GB
Amazon Web Services –Service Level Agreement
Amazon’s SLA requires acceptance of Acceptable Use Policy, Service Terms, as well as all locally enforceable
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