Belligerent Patient'stitches In 'The Brute'

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In "The Brute" a belligerent patient arrives and needs stitches. The patient is being dragged in and will not cooperate so the doctor does what any reasonable doctor would do; he stitches his ear to the table. In the end the doctor feels guilty for what he did but knows that it got the job done. Anger is an emotion that can cloud your judgement and cause reckless behavior. The doctor had enough of the criminals behavior, he was screaming, cursing, and will not hold still. Once both ears are sewn the criminal calmed down so his earlobes wont be ripped off. The doctor knows what he is doing is cruel when he says. "And I grin. It is the cruelest grin of my life". At this point while he knows what he is doing is wrong, the doctor is in too deep
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