Belly Case Study

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Why did Conrad stop playing football? He didn’t like it anymore, his dad was the one who loved it. 2. What’s Belly’s second nickname? Bells 3. What was Jeremiah’s favorite CD? It was Chronic. 4. When Conrad and Belly danced together, why did she felt dizzy? She felt dizzy of pure absolute joy. 5. What kind of sandwiches did Cam prepared for the picnic? Avocado and sprout sandwiches 6. In which kind of bottle did Cam write a message? In a Poland Spring one. 7. What is Jeremiah’s summer job? He’s a lifeguard. 8. What brand is Belly’s favorite beach towel? Ralph Lauren 9. Where did Mr. Fisher brought the kids when they were young? To the putt putt. 10. What is one of Belly’s insecurities? Her nose. 11. What did Belly’s birthday marked? The beginning of the end of summer. 12. How old is Belly turning? Sixteen…show more content…
What is Susannah’s gift to Belly? A pearl necklace her father gave her when she turned sixteen. 14. What is Jeremiah’s gift to Belly? A small charm, a tiny silver key. 15. On her 11th birthday, how did Steven called Belly? Butthead 16. What’s the reason Jeremiah chose a key? He chose it because Belly is going to be driving soon. 17. True or false? Yellow cake is Belly’s favorite kind of dessert. True 18. What was the name of the movie Conrad, Nicole, Belly and Cam watched together? Titanic 19. What’s Susannah’s favorite movie? The Notorious 20. What did Jeremiah revealed to Belly? That he sees her as more than just best friends. 21. What did Belly said to Conrad? That he’s the only boy she ever thought about , that she loves him. 22. How does Conrad react to Belly’s reveal? He tells her she shouldn’t love him. 23. How is Susannah’s cancer going? It came back and she doesn’t have a lot of time left to live. 24. What is Belly’s promise to Susannah? That she’ll take care of Conrad. 25. What bothered Belly the day they left Cousins? They always had to cleanup the whole house even though cleaners came in
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