Belly Fat Case Study

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How to lose belly fat- the Indian way
Extra kilos on your stomach not only make you look old and grossed out, but can lead to various health issues. The time when fat was considered to be a simple storage organ is past. Medical studies reveal that belly fat doesn’t just lay idle at your beltline but is an active part in your body, the one which swirls out hormones and seditious substances. “Make use of your fat, burn it don’t store it”
The belly fat management
People try stupid things to cut down their abdominal fat and still don’t reach anywhere close to a goal of flat belly. The purpose of this article is to decode the enigma around this facet of modern day living. This article will help you in strategizing a better game plan to counter
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Usual gym trainers would go endless on weights, cardio, sit ups and abs crunches. Even so, this doesn’t give you the kind of result that you wanted? There is something that is missing in your routine. Not saying Indian trainers don’t know anything, well some of them actually don’t. So, what should you do to meet your fitness goal?
Tips to lose weight
Tightening your abs and giving you a smaller, flatter stomach requires a constant 2 sided attack.
• Phase 1 is to do away with the ‘pre-existing fat’ - the fat stored in the body
• Phase 2 is to resist the new fat accumulate in your body
FitIndya fact: To simplify this, intense training wouldn’t help if you do not take a note of your eating habits. Likewise, if you focus more on dieting but don’t have the right training program, it will result in losing muscle without burning excess belly fat.
A holistic approach to weight loss
As we know it, cutting down the abdominal fat that is already there will involve a regular training schedule; consisting of both, weight training and cardiovascular program. Whereas preventing the new fat to settle at your beltline should involve being watchful of what you allow down your pipe.
Here are the rules that you need to follow.
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