Belonging Quotes From The Outsiders

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The Outsiders includes a plot that is very fascinating. It is a heroic story of friendship and belonging. The problem in the novel was the controversy between the Greasers and the Socs. Their hatred toward each other led to the climax of the story with Johnny killing Bob, a Soc, at the parking lot. Ponyboy, seeing this horrible event, decided to find Dally to help Johnny. Ponyboy also go with him into hiding at an abandon church at Windrixville. They stayed there for five days and read Gone with the Wind to pass the time. After that, Dally came up and drove to Dairy Queen to buy sandwiches for Johnny and Ponyboy. Johnny also decided to turn himself in. However, when he came back, the church was on fire with kids trapped inside. Ponyboy and…show more content…
The biggest one is the hatred between the Socs and Greasers. The main characters, Ponyboy, Soda, Darry, Johnny, Dally, and Randy solved that problem quite well. Randy decided to not join the rumble after Bob’s death and make the relationship better with Greasers. Ponyboy also came to realization that fighting was useless by hearing other people’s feelings about the rumble. Soda, Darry, Dally realized that too by hearing that Johnny still died even though they won the rumble. Dally even heard that Johnny said that fighting was useless after all. He felt sad that even he won the rumble, he lost his friend. He decided then to rob a grocery store and try to threaten the cops so he could get his death. The other problem Ponyboy solved it really well was that he decided to save the kids that were trapped in the church considering he might ignite the fire. However, Ponyboy did make bad decisions too. He decided to smoke addictively and helped Johnny to escape from the cops which could cost him incarceration. The best thing he could do when that happened was to call the cops so that Johnny won’t be a felon and the judge might gave him less punishment. In conclusion, The Outsiders let us realize that no matter whom you are, your life can still end
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