Belongs To Ratchet

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The book I read was, This Journal Belongs To Ratchet. The author of my book was Nancy J.Cavanagh. This book is about a girl named Ratchet who lives with her because when she was little her mom died. She doesn't have many friends, but that changes in the end of the book. Ratchet is a happy, kind, smart girl she loves her dad even though he is a little crazy. One challenge that Ratchet faces in her life is that she doesn't have a mom. Once there was a park that Ratchet and her dad loved, but they were going to cut all the trees down so they could make a strip-mall. When Ratchet and her dad heard about this they got very upset. So Ratchet wrote an essay and entered it in a essay challenge, and guess what? Ratchet won the contest. The people…show more content…
I'm 12 years, love to do cheerleading, tennis, volleyball and to be with my friends and family. When I was 9 years old I moved to Florida from Sweden, and that made a huge impact on my life because I was used to the cold and speaking Swedish, but then I came here and my whole life changed! One challenge that I face in my life is that I have an Autistic brother. I love my brother because he is the most kind hearted person I have ever met in my entire life! Me and Ratchet have a huge challenge in our lives but we both still are happy and were both just being strong. We also never give up. For example, Ratchet didn't give up on the Moss Tree Park that her and her dad loved so much, and once I was playing a tennis tournament and I had not gotten any point jet, but I just thought to my self that I could do it, And I did it I won! Here is a quote from the story "Before Dad or I could say anything, the phone in the garage rang. It was the editor of the Blainesfield Beacon calling me to tell me some really great news- MOSS TREE PARK IS SAVED! What I have learned from this book is even if your having a bad time you can just relax and think about all of the great things you have in your life. Just like when Ratchet found out that her mom had died she was really sad at first but then It got a whole lot better because she thought about how much her dad loves her and then she feels much
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