Sethe's Forgiveness In Beloved

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2-Healing and Forgiveness as a Sign of Altruistic Filicide: Morrison points out "the past, until you confront it, until you live through it, it keeps coming back in other forms. The shapes redesign themselves in other constellations, until you get a chance to play it over again" ( Cássia Freitas de Aquino 198). Beloved's return to 124 Bluestone Road is very symbolic because she has the key to forgiveness for herself, her mother, sister, and the whole Bluestone Road community. A-Recreating a lost Relationship: Sethe and Beloved: Although Beloved could not forgive her mother for sending her alone to the other side, Sethe comes to realize that only chance to overcome her past as a slave and her altruistic filicide is to remember and recreate her past. She has to narrate her life story, and confront Beloved in order to release herself from the psychological wounds of the past as well to forgive herself for the unforgivable crime; …show more content…

Sethe figuratively returns to the murder of Beloved and erases from her life some of the overwhelming impact of that action, giving herself a chance to reintegrate her profoundly fractured psyche. It is almost as if there is no longer a fleshmemory of her murder of her child. Intellectually Sethe knows it happened, but the memory of it functions like a demagnetized tape recording; traces of the recording remain perhaps, but they can no longer play themselves out at anything like original volume. (Koolish 186) At this moment, Sethe focuses her rage on the cause of all her pain and misery i.e. the while folk. She is convinced that her maternal filicide is motivated by altruism, but her endless loneliness made her do the right thing after eighteen years. Her self-forgiveness and healing could not be completed without Beloved, and Beloved cannot live in peace without her mother's

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