Beloved Country Of America Persuasive Speech

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Ladies and gentlemen, where should we start tonight. Should we Leave our beloved country of America, where over three hundred million of us colorfully, peacefuly, and freely are living from every God loving faith, as we wish to seek Him. Or should we travel to the other side of the planet in our beloved country of Afghanistan, where only one of us living in the capital of Kabul, as an Afghan Jew. Only one. Besides the loss of over two million Afghan muslim men, women and children, our Jewish brother and sisters along with eight million of us scattered around the world. Nation of Iran is guesting three million of us very kindly. Nation of Pakistan have been guesting us very, very kindly since eternity. The ones that have been treating us unkindly,…show more content…
Should we start in countries like Iraq, Libya, Yemen, Syria, Saudi Arabia, and others in the region ? Let 's start with our beloved country of Afghanistan with the bombings as recent as a few days ago killing seven innocent Afghans, including an Afghan Muslim woman reporter. But this is too sad. let 's return back to the Land of Peaceful Fighters. Dear Senator McCain, if you be kind enough to sent us some information about the school you sent the classless beauty, in order for her to learn how to talk like a human being. If I recall correctly, the setting was in the school garden, with a podium in center and the classless beauty was surrounding by her teachers. I can not recall if school, where she was learning how to talk as a human being, was located in the State of Arizona, or bordering to the country of Russia, the great State of Alaska. As you can see, what a wonderful job you did on her. Some of us could not be more proud of the classless beauty as a citizen, an American, mother, governor, a former and maybe even a future Vice President of our great nation, the United States of America, the country that you fought and risk your life for. What an example for human and
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