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Belzec Essay

Belzec was during the German occupation of Poland during world war 2. Belzec is a camp that was divided into three parts administration section,barracks and storage. Belzec is the second camp to have gas chambers and burial pits. The camp in total had three gas chambers and to kill Jews they used carbon monoxide, and had a house made with wooden building. This camp was built to be a part of Aktion Reinhard, solely for extermination of Jews. The camp was located in southern Eastern Poland. Anne frank is a very well known person she was a Jewish girl that died. The museum of Tolerance in L.A educated people about the Holocaust with exhibits like the Anne Frank.

The first prisoners to enter the camp were the Soviet force to approach a major Nazi camp,reaching majdanek and near Lublin, Poland,in July 1944. Also my camp was one of the first camp to have stationary gas chambers. When entering men and women were separated and ordered to undress for
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What they did is they removed the bodies form the gas chambers and buried the victims in the graves with other victims. They also burned the bodies. They had no other choice be cause there was stacks and piles of bodies so they had to get rid of them so they just burned the bodies.

The Jews in the concentration camp had a place to sleep but is was like a barn but was a bunk. The (barn) had man wooden beds and their were bunks of threes or four. They also had bathrooms but not typical bathrooms they would have to make holes in the ground or have to do it in their wooden bunk. So when entered to their bunk it would smell really bad.

The way the Jews were treated when coming to the camp. They forced out the box cart and then rushed to get their number. So when done getting their number their are going to be know for only Their number. Then they get their hair cut off,and get their new close. That 's also when the get their
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