Ben And Jerrys Case Study

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The phrase “Peace, Love, & Ice-cream” is the popular one used by the company Ben & Jerrys. This ice cream company originated in 1978 in Burlington, Vermont at an old renovated gas station. According to the company’s website, the owners, Ben, and Jerry, used the knowledge they gained from a $5 ice cream making class. Their three-part mission includes their goals for their product mission, economic mission, and social mission. The company’s product mission claims that they aim to produce the finest quality ice cream and “euphoric concoctions” by always including wholesome natural ingredients. Another main goal for them includes respect to the earth and the environment. Their economic mission claims that they want their company to work on a sustainable financial basis with the intentions of profitable growth, and to increase…show more content…
Their economic mission also states their hope for expanding opportunities in terms of employee career growth. Finally, their social mission says they want to make the world a better place. Ben & Jerry’s wants their business to work in a way that appreciates the part that business acts in our society. They claim they want to “improve the quality of life locally, nationally and internationally”. Ben & Jerry’s has contributed to and participated in many acts that solidify their claims stated in their product mission. In 1989, Ben & Jerry’s spoke out against Recombinant Bovine Growth Hormone (rBGH). According to their website, their reasoning behind this was due to their concern about the economic effect on family farming and to assure the people about the “wholesomeness” of dairy products. To take a step in a healthier direction, the ice cream company introduced a line of sorbet products that contained pure spring water and the best fruits but did not contain fat, lactose, or cholesterol. Another way they stayed true to their product mission was in 2002 when they introduced the One Sweet Whirled ice cream
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