Ben And Jerry's Market Penetration Strategy

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Virgin Group began its business with a magazine which was named the Student. The next venture was a mail order record company named. Therefore it can be sales that Virgin Company entered the market with a magazine business which was its market penetration strategy and then went on to the next stage which is product development through Virgin Records. With the establishment of its record label the company entered in to new markets. Hence the market development stage was also achieved by the Virgin Group fairly quickly. Then came fast expansions of the business in 1980s where the company went ahead with many expansion projects related to Virgin Records. Such expansions lead to Virgin records establishing another record company, V2. Virgin kept…show more content…
Ice cream is and always has been their product from the beginning. It was market penetration strategy that Ben and Jerry’s applied at the start of their first ice cream store. The existing product was ice cream, in its existing market which was limited to Vermont. To promote their business Ben and Jerry’s Ice cream carried out many promotional activities in many places including festivals, outdoor movies theatres and they were able to generating huge amounts of publicity which gained public awareness about the company. This was one of the factors that lead to success as all that publicity resulted in Ben and Jerry’s ice cream being one of the well known brands around the world. Thereby Ben and Jerry’s ice cream Company successfully developed the market penetration strategy in its hometown (Ansoff and McDonnell,…show more content…
Later the company started distributing its products to stores around the country. The court case that took place during this time between Ben and Jerry’s and Pillsbury gained national to the company. This marked the beginning of Ben and Jerry’s market development strategy as it went on to open many scoop shops in various places. Thereafter the company started to extend its reach to other countries. Ben and Jerry’s continued to expand and in 1988 they started selling its products to Canada. In 1992 they further expanded the business to Russia. Succeeding that was the expansion to the United Kingdom in 1994 and to Japan in 1998. Thereby Ben and Jerry’s ice cream successfully established a global customer base through the market development strategy (Campbell et al,

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