Ben Carson Research Paper

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To begin with, Ben Carson is a very famous and well-known individual for his excellent work on separating two conjoined twin babies in Singapore, Southeast Asia. Ben Carson was born in Detroit, Michigan the year of 1951. Ben Carson began his first challenges in life at a very young age. He experienced his first challenges and difficulties in school. Ben Carson was always at the bottom of his classes and soon became the object of being ridiculed by his classmates. He soon developed a very violent and uncontrollable temper and he soon became known to attack other children at the slightest provocation. The poverty that he lived in and the difficult times he went through and experienced in school seemed to exacerbate the anger and rage that built…show more content…
All of the ridicules that his classmates said to him soon developed a low self-worth and a very violent and uncontrollable temper. Dr. Benjamin Carson’s mother (Sonya Carson) made him read two library books and write a handwritten report on the books he read every single week even though Ben Carson resented all the strict regimens. After a good several weeks of his mother’s unrelenting position, Ben began to find enjoyment in reading books which led to his increasing desire of books and knowledge. So this led to amazing his teachers and classmates with his improvement which the students didn’t really ridicule him as much anymore. Ben soon recalled several years later that he wasn 't stupid and within a year he was at the top of his classes. Then after his academic successes, Ben still had a problem with his raging temper that evolved into violent behavior as a child. One time, Ben Carson almost hit his mother with a hammer because she had disagreed with his choice of clothes. Then another time, he inflicted a major head injury on a classmate over a locker that Ben Carson was using. The worst one of Ben Carson’s exacerbates, Ben nearly stabbed on of his friend’s to death over an argument that involved the choice of music on a radio
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