Ben Carson Summer Scholarship Essay

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As a young girl, I had a genuine fascination with the makeup of the world we lived in. I wanted to know anything and everything there was to know about the world. I would consistently and sternly press on questions to the adults in my life. “How does a leaf grow? How many cells are on your tongue? How is a TV made?” These are a few of the millions of curiosities that I presented to my parents, teachers, and mentors. Every now and again I would receive a groan or an “I don’t know” in an annoyed tone as my answer. I’d be forced to leave it at that. But more often than not, I would receive true, scientific answers. Unfortunately for those around me, that would only raise more questions. Noticing my interest in the world around me, my parents signed me up for science summer programs and thus, my passion was born.
I was placed into a multitude of programs, but only one truly stuck with me. Its name is Ben Carson’s Summer Program. Its aim was to educate and encourage the black youth to pursue a career and spark interests in the science field and, for me, that is exactly what happened. I extracted DNA, dissected cow brains, and learned about the life of Ben Carson, my idol. Despite his political standings, I respect his story about how he came to be the neurosurgeon that he is today. He went through several trials and tribulations to
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There are a set amount of credentials that are required for neurologists everywhere. To be a neurologist, one has to go through 4 years at an accredited university or college. Next, four years of medical school must be completed on top of 1 year of an internship in medicine and, finally, at least three years of residency with neuroscience program. There are a few preferred but not “required” credentials to becoming a neurologist. For instance, it is preferred if the applicant has experience in a hospital and if the applicant has experience mentoring/teaching in that
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