Ben Carson's Depiction Of Muslims In America

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This cartoon depicts Ben Carson’s views of Muslims in America. Carson has expressed his concern of a Muslim president; stating that a Muslim president would destabilized the United States and led the country to greater political dilemmas. He undermines Muslims as unpatriotic minorities who do not understand the depravity that they caused the United States. Carson sided with Donald Trump on his views of these minorities. Carson and Trump have stated the Muslims seem to celebrate 9/11 as a marvelous defeat towards the United States, hence making all Muslims seem like heinous minorities, striving for the failure and demise of the United States. The cartoonist uses the Ku Klux Klan (KKK) and Ben Carson as a derogatory image towards Muslims. The…show more content…
Carson is an abhorrent candidate that refutes the principles that America is based upon. Carson is solely known for his separation of conjoined twins, which rocketed his success and stardom; despite the odds of him being a minority in the largely white dominated workforce. Carson also faced racial discrimination as he became intelligent and rose through the social ladder. Anyone would think a fellow minority would support a grievously oppressed group. Muslims are often classed as terrorists and nonconformist, solely looking to cause collateral damage in core countries. They are often characterized with groups like ISIS, through many of them do not have a connection to the organization. Muslim citizens have become notorious after the 9/11 attacks, as they are discriminated by every racial group. America is where people could become successful, no matter their racial heritage. Muslims should be given the chance to become political leaders and social conformist. Carson’s words could spur tension and upheave among America, similar to how blacks where oppressed in the 1960s. Conclusively, anyone (whether they are a minority or not) should be allowed to run for the presidency and establish a satisfactory political ideals in the United

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