Ben Chester White Research Paper Outline

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Ben Chester White On January 5, 1899, Ben Chester White, an African American, was born. About sixty-seven years later, on June 10, 1966, White was shot and murdered near Pretty Creek in Natchez, Mississippi. His murderers were three hate-filled gunmen that were incorporated with the Ku Klux Klan, which is a group of people who believe that whites are more superior than blacks. The reason they wanted to murder White was to give Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. a motive to come to Natchez, White had no involvement in the Civil Rights Movement, until his devastating murder. Ever since he was born, White spent most of his life working for a white family, on the Carter family farm around the east of Natchez. On the farm, he would tend to the cattle…show more content…
Fuller pretended to give support to giving equal rights to all black citizens, but it was all a trap to get White in their trap. Fuller chatted with White about African Americans having similar opportunities as whites, all of which, White agreed to. Near the end of their conversation, Fuller reached for his pistol, that was concealed from White 's view, but a fellow Klansman warned him that there would be too many witnesses around. They decided to wait until they had another chance to murder him. Ben Chester White lived a simple sixty-seven years. His life definitely did not deserve to end the way that it did. Perhaps White was just caught in a situation where he was unfortunately in the wrong place at the wrong time. His three murderers had no reason at all to sight the innocent man and decide to target him for slaughter, at the drop of a hat. There were forty casualties throughout the Civil Rights Movement. Each one has its own back story, but not all of them are known as much as they should be. Ben Chester White is one of those people, but once you know their stories, you 'll never want to let
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