Characteristics Of Benjamin Franklin's 'American'

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For the past two hundred years, Benjamin Franklin has been regarded as one of the most renowned Founding Fathers of the United States, and the true creator of the “American Dream.” Throughout his life, Franklin focused himself on characteristics that he knew would not only better himself but improve the budding nation. A few of the traits of Ben Franklin’s “American” are philanthropy, tolerance, and perseverance. Although they may seem wholesome, each trait can also have ulterior motives when a person is portraying them. When he begins his writings to his son, William, Franklin recounts the pivotal moments in his past that shaped him to be who he was meant to be, and even though he admits that he wishes he could change some slight details, he is mostly content with his choices.…show more content…
Although Franklin tries his best to portray himself as an adequate and upstanding person, he is also contradicts himself in giving the idea that not every American is solely good or evil in their actions. In his autobiography, Franklin delves into personal details of his life while depicting the characteristics seen in Americans, giving his readers a layout to follow for years to come, but also continuously showing his audience that there could be two sides to every story, even his own. The most important features of an American, according to the autobiography and how Benjamin Franklin lived his life, revolve around philanthropy, tolerance, and
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