Dylan Bronk Biography

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By Dylan clapp BEN GRONK Ben Gronk was a football player for New England patriots. He was Tom Brady's best friend, his number was 87. He has really big house but he is only 11 years old it is kind of young to be a football player, but he is very good at football he is the strongest Person on the field. His dog is was named flowers. It was Saturday the day before the game he was playing the New York Giants. He was at the football practice when he was done he went home with Tom Brady. He made some diner for the both of them when he was done making dinner they went to sit on his couch to watch football. Than when he was done with his dinner Tom Brady went home than Ben Gronk went to bed. When he woke up he went down stairs and Joshua his servant was making pancakes Ben Gronk ate the pancakes and went to his three pools in his backyard. When he was done swimming he went to go brush his teeth and get ready to go to New York when he was done packing he went to the airport to get on his private jet. After a few hours he arrived there he went onto the field to practice with his teammates. He was practicing with Tom Brady. When he was done practicing he went into the locker room to change into his jersey.

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