Ben Hall Research Paper

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Nevertheless, for Ben Hall a young man, married and desiring a future in the evolving and progressive society of Australia which presented an opportunity for the adventurous to have ago and to build a solid foundation for their future without the social judgments that had long handicapped those of limited means, or the so-called predetermined order of things. Moreover, in 1800's Australian society, there were still in place some sections that retained the old structured aristocratic style of old England where inherited wealth and title determined a path of an assured future either in government or industry for those that were termed privileged, this of course excluded Ben Hall. However, it was for those in Australia, including Ben Hall who with courage and determination that for them the land could offer that same…show more content…
Transported for crimes that were so petty that ordinarily in a modern Australia or England they would not even see the inside of a courthouse, let alone those perpetrators receiving seven to fourteen years, or worse, a life of incarceration with severe physical punishment and a voyage of unimaginable horror, why the civil libertarians today would have an apoplectic fit. Therefore, with the vast open tracts of land available in NSW stocked with volumes of cattle and sheep that was enabling the birth of the new emerging Australian gentility. Men who were more at ease in the company of themselves and more tolerant of others and less pretentious, where over time even they would blur the origins of their arrival in the old penal colony. Furthermore, many of these old lags would go on to establish a more prestigious aristocrat with wealth more copious than some landed gentry in
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