Ben Higgins Journey

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Ben Higgins journey as The Bachelor is done, but of course none of it has started airing yet. Reality Steve has finally shared the big spoilers about how the entire season goes down. Ben Higgins season will start airing on January 4 and this time around there are 28 girls, not just 25. Reality Steve went to his blog and shared spoilers from episode one clear to the finale. Of course on episode one, there will be a lot of girls doing what they can to win over Ben Higgins. One girl brings her pony and it even stays all night. Lauren Russell will say that she has been stalking Ben for two months on social media, so hopefully that goes over okay. JoJo Fletcher shows up with her unicorn head on, but at least was smart enough to take it off before the night was over. A girl named Lace even has the nerve to kiss Ben the first time that she met him, but she won 't last long this season. Mandi Kremer will also get a kiss on night one. These two girls seem to be the ones causing drama at the start of the season.…show more content…
Things go so well that Higgins will give her a rose on their date. During episode two, Lauren Barr will be offered a rose and turn it down. It looks like Ben Higgins didn 't win one girl over. Lauren Bushnell will get a one on one date with Ben Higgins pretty early on too. Reality Steve has shared all season long that she is a front-runner and could be the one standing in the end. Lauren will get a rose on their one on one date and also at least one group rose later on. Someone even shared a photo of Lauren and Ben 's
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