Ben Mikaelsen Biography

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Have you ever thought of not being able to write very well? Well Ben Mikaelsen couldn’t write either and look at him now, He is an established children’s literature author. He helps people around the world and is an inspiration for a lot of people. Ben Mikaelsen was born in La Paz, Bolivia on December 8th, 1952. Ben had trouble with writing when he was a kid and was made fun of a lot because of this. Ben says, “Not until college did the idea of actually being an author creep into my head. An English professor called me in after class to comment on an assignment I had written. He told me my grammar skills were those of a fifth grader. Fearfully, I asked if I should drop the class. “Oh, no, no, no!” he replied. “I just finished reading three hundred stories, and only one made me laugh and cry. That was yours. You’re a storyteller. That’s writing (Biography Ben Mikaelsen)!”…show more content…
After his experience at college now when he ever visits a different college, he looks for people who have trouble with the mechanics of writing. He states in his biography,” I encourage them to work on the mechanics, but more importantly, I want them to understand that writing is storytelling! The story is what holds the magic and power. The story is why we created language (Mikaelsen).” This is one of Ben’s quotes when writers ask him how to become a better writer, “Go out and live! You can’t pour water from an empty bucket. Experience life. Then never quit writing about it (Mikaelsen)!” Overall I think Ben Mikealsen is an amazing person and his story is truly remarkable. The fact that he could be treated so badly as a kid and become such an amazing person. I personally would love to meet Ben Mikaelsen and think he would be a very cool
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