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The Incredible life of Ben Mikaelsen Ben Mikaelsen is an author that has had his work take him all over the world from mexico to the north pole! Ben Mikaelsen loves the outdoors! He lives near Bozeman, Montana with Connie, his wife. Ben has been writing books since 1984 and has have published some popular books like Touching Spirit Bear, Sparrow Hawk Red, and Rescue Josh McGuire. Ben is an adventure and horseback rides, parachute jumps, motorcycles, sled dog races, flies airplanes (which he owns), scuba dives and raises bears as if they were his own. Ben is a wonderful writer who uses his real world experiences in the pages of a book. If anyone has an interesting background than it is ben mikaelsen. ben was born and raised in bolivia, south america with his family. Ben was bullied and teased about his skin color when he lived there. Ben says “Growing up, I never thought of my life as different or unique. Everything…show more content…
Ben even sacrifices his life now to do exotic stuff just for the sake of the book! He owned a bear named buffy up until 2012 when he sadly died.. following the experiences of raising the bear ben wrote many books. He also lived on the streets of mexico with homeless children just so he could write his book “Sparrow hawk red” In conclusion ben mikaelsen inspires me he writes like theres no tomorrow and lives for today. He travels the world and does what he loves! His books are wonderful and i will sure be reading more of them. For anyone reading this who has been through trouble as a kid or young adult, look up to ben for inspiration because besides what happened in the past he has moved on and is making himself happy in the present! Overall Ben Mikaelsen is a great guy with a good personality and i would love to be friends with someone like
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