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Ben Mikaelsen is an award winner and very popular writer who enjoys nature and owns a 750 pound black bear. His novels have won many state Reader’s Choice Awards. These novels include Rescue Josh McGuire, Sparrow Hawk Red, Stranded, Countdown, Petey, Touching Spirit Bear, Red Midnight, Tree Girl, and Ghost of Spirit Bear. All of these novels have been inspired by nature, because Ben Mikaelsen 's life revolves around it.

Ben Mikaelsen lives in a log cabin in the mountains near Bozeman, Montana, with his wife, Connie. Therefore, they are always surrounded by nature. Ben and Connie adopted and raised a 750 pound black bear and named him Buffy! Ben and Buffy were best friends and they loved each other. Sadly, in the fall of 2010, when Buffy went into hibernation, his body gave out and he passed away. Ben and Connie love the outdoors and have gone on many vacations with very different surroundings. They have gone to the North Pole, Florida Keys, and South America. This shows how much he appreciates nature and wants to learn more about it.
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For example, the bear in Touching Spirit Bear and Ghost of Spirit Bear was most likely thought up after Ben was spending time with his pet bear. Ben also knew what could happen when you spend time outside, so when he wrote his books, he knew what he was talking about, and not making things up. He knew that someone could become a better person while experiencing what is possible

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