Ben Yacobi The Limits Of Authenticity Summary

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In his article “ The Limits Of Authenticity, Ben Yacobi talked about the limits of authenticity and its challenges. He talked about it by giving examples and long old history of philosophers to prove his point. Unfortunately, his over long illustrations fall apart. His essay is not appealing because it does not connect with the audience with its over long and complicated examples. Length of his essay is too long to be focused on the point he is trying to prove with redundant examples. He said how the concept of authenticity has been explored throughout history by many philosophers hundreds of years ago(1). It unnecessary because he states in the beginning how people constantly involve and he provides big and long examples of it. What writers and philosophers said hundreds of year ago might not or not at all apply…show more content…
Many of his examples feel outdated and people might not feel connected to it and take it personally. His philosophies of authentic examples feels really old because they are from people who lived long ago(1). The author should have given recent examples for the readers to understand and feel it more. People are close with authenticity. They want to feel passionate about it. If the author provides examples of what someone said long ago, the readers captivated with his examples because things and people were different back then. His ending idas are not clear for the readers to his final statement and their final take on the article with construing examples and surprising thesis statement all the at the end of the article. He talks about how technologies overflow an individual 's perception of reality and then he puts his main idea the end saying no one can achieve personal authenticity (5). It seemed unclear and sloppy because the reader might not get nothing from the article. It would have made more sense if u had the thesis at the beginning but not end to prove his
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