Benchmark Contextualization In Teenage Culture

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Benchmark - Contextualization Paper
What is contextualization? Hesselgrave, (1995) stated, “can be thought of as the attempt to communicate the message of the person, works, Word, and will of God in a way that is faithful to God’s revelation, especially as it is put forth in the teachings of Holy Scripture, and that it is meaningful to respondents in their respective cultural and existential context”. In this Benchmark-Contextualization paper, one will be able to study the process of contextualization in the framework of teenage culture as well as recognize a recent trend that is affecting the youth. In addition to, this essay, it will provide how a strategic youth ministry would reach students in the midst of this trend and the process that
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For this reason, what seems to be affecting our youth from a recent trend that is still going on today, is the hip-hop type of music that our young people are listening to. The reason why this is a bigger problem in today’s society, because hip-hop is a culture that plays rap and other types of music that causes a problematic the way they see and view society. Which hip-hop/rap music has change over the years, whereas the rappers that are singing these type of rap songs are not positive. Yet, they leave a negative impact on the youth where they are constantly, getting into trouble, whether it is at home, school or with the law. For example, there are some rap music, that talk about gangbanging, smoking pot, sex, drugs and what they are going to do to women etc. According to Blanchard, (1999) stated, “In recent years, controversy surrounding rap music has been in the forefront of the American media”. With this type of music, that the youth is listening to they can download it on their phones or tablets/computer etc. By looking at this trend today that is affecting our youth, how a strategic youth ministry would reach the students in the midst of this ongoing problem would be to go where they hang out at. Like the clubs, malls, concerts or any place they should not be. Because the youth needs to know about Jesus in a time…show more content…
One way that rap music have become an impact on our youth, is game related, youth violence, racism, drugs etc. All of these shifts and paradigms affect rap music because of the words that some of the rappers use in a way to make about them. Juslin, (2008) stated, “Research indicates that people value music primarily because of the emotions it evokes”. According to, Travis (2012) stated, “To accurately capture, define and disseminate the scope of these trends, Hip-Hop culture and specifically rap music deserve more nuanced analyses and measurements of their use, and the impacts of education, prevention, intervention and social change strategies at both the individual and community level”. In addition to, looking at how hip-hop/rap music have change over the course years, one will understand how it developed as well as a way that an effective youth ministry would take to reach students in the Hip-Hop culture/rap music. Truly, we live in a society of diversity to where people use Hip-Hop/rap music a way of coping what they are going through in their life. Yet, looking at the process of how Hip-Hop/rap music began to take place in the 1970s, where Hip-hop culture appeared out of an atmosphere of distress and discouragement. While Civil Rights Movement was ending. Consequently, by looking at the approach an effective youth ministry would take to reach
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