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Benchmark Electronics started in 1979 in Clute, Texas, expertise in low-volume, complex assembly of medical products for Intermedics. In 1986 Benchmark known as “Electronics, Inc.”, the organisation bought out by its management. In 1988, the word Benchmark added, changed to “Benchmark Electronics Inc” and knows until today. Benchmark Electronics Malaysia operations are situated in the Free Business Zone in Bayan Lepas, the primary industrial hub of Penang, Malaysia. The particular operation spans two facilities; combined they feature the broadest range of services involving any long term contract manufacturer in Penang. Zone A is Asian regional Design Engineering Centre, with Item Design Engineering services, box-build, comprehensive electronics assembly and test services and SMT manufacturing. Zone B offers comprehensive metal manufacturing and sophisticated equipment setup capabilities. To be precision Technological know-how site, that facility supplies precision mechanised manufacturing solutions. Task 1 - Classify different types of cost Direct Cost The direct cost is traceable…show more content…
The materials have to be easy to identify with the resulting product (otherwise it may consider as joint costs). One of variable costs is the direct material cost that involved in the production process such as it is used in the derivation of throughput from production processes. Production capacity is sales minus all totally variable expenses. Think of a direct material as a component piece of finished goods. For instance, finished computer has a number of parts and components on the inside of it. There is motherboard, a hard drive, video card, RAM, brand, and many other components. Each piece needs to get individually manufactured and results in the finished computer all together units. Examples of direct material of Benchmark like the circuit board included in a

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