Benchmarking In Homeland Security Assessment

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Based on benchmarking of the team, what are the key components to consider for your organization in a homeland security assessment? Why?
I think before we go into this question that it is imperative that a definition of benchmark be given. A simple definition of benchmark is nothing more than this, to benchmark is to compare performance against a standard (Azevedo, Newman, & Pungiluppi, 2010). Benchmarking can be helpful to an organization in many different ways 1) it helps place an effect in perspective, was the outcome good, bad, or average 2) Benchmarking can also help set the practicality of you targets that you had set and want to measure 3) Benchmarking can also can help identify both areas as well as subcategories with good or poor practices and the greatest room for improvement (Azevedo et al., 2010).
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By using the Baldrige Criteria it allows a comprehensive assessment based on criteria with a national standard of excellence. The text (Fisher) explains that benchmarking uses teams of employees that review and visit the programs, services and practices from all over the world that share in best practices in the area of homeland security. All organizations endeavor to become like these organizations, as they are “world class” in practices that they have recognized as needed development in those areas (Fisher, 2013).
Based on benchmarking of the team the key components to consider for any organization in a homeland security assessment should be the basics to the assessment as recommended in the text (Fisher, 2013). I will list some of the key components that I feel is important within the sections.
1. Benchmarking Team
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