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Summer Internship Project Report on Competitive Benchmarking of Trade and Product Go-To-Market strategies of leading telecom players. done at IDEA Cellular Under the Guidance of : Submitted by: Ms.Kanchan Rana Syed Nadeem Ahmad PGFA1460 Jaipuria Institute of Management, Noida Syed Nadeem Ahmad Jaipuria Institute of Management, Noida DECLARATION: I, the undersigned, hereby declare that the project report entitled “Competitive Benchmarking…show more content…
(Karmi & Wernerfelt, 1985) in their research paper have analyzed how firms compete against each other in multiple markets. Firms do not just compete at the product or market level but they also compete with regard to who gets the best use of often limited resources at hand. This is especially true in case of telecom companies regarding spectrum allocation, tower infrastructure, etc. (Porter, 1980) in his research paper on Competitive Strategy has focussed on how information related to competitors are affected by the outlook and the thought process of managers regarding the industry and these lead to creation of blind spots. These blind spots may prevent a strategist from understanding the importance of happenings and may lead to wrong…show more content…
A GTM strategy is very useful as it helps in laying down a roadmap which explains all the details regarding the delivery of products and services to the end customer while keeping various factors in mind such as promotional strategies and fixing of price. It’s a much more integrated approach to make a meaningful connect with the customers right from placing of order to the final delivery of the product or service. GTM strategy helps the company in making sure that the intended value proposition gets delivered to the target audience. The nature of value proposition varies from company to company depending upon their overall business strategy and various other factors. GTM strategy raises the key questions of who, what, how much, how and where. Hence it focuses upon the target segment, the product/service portfolio, pricing, promotional strategies and the place or location decisions. The main focus of a GTM Strategy is to target the direct consumer or the one in authority who makes the buying decision. So when a company decides to adopt a go-to-market strategy, it should ideally strive to bring together under one umbrella several key marketing functions such as branding, pricing, advertising, selling, customer feedback, etc, to achieve the desired

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