Bend It Like Beckham Analysis Essay

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Bend it like Beckham
The summary of the movie is about a young Indian woman named, Jessminder, who endures all obstacles between passionate in fulfilling her dreams in playing soccer and her family traditional culture values. Jess’s parents wanted their daughter to be able to follow the norms of their family members and learning to cook for being more feminine to be able to be married in the future. The problem that Jess’s family wanted her to quit her interest in soccer since it will make her more tomboyish and not a bright future for her, but she chose to continue what she has in order to make her dreams come true as she works hard on it. She was then discovered by a British female soccer player named, Jules, who asked her to play on the
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But, she was intimidated when Jules told her mom that she was playing for the girls’ soccer team as she gave a petrified look on her face.
When Jess was about to give up on soccer to start participating in the traditional Indian customs to associate with her sister’s wedding, she was very displeased and uncomfortable. She did not complained about her dislikes, but it is very obvious that her non-verbal expressions shown everyone that she would rather be playing soccer. She sighed, does not make eye contact with her fellow groups and relatives, she even crossed her arms in a defensive way to avoid being communicating with them and stands far away since she isn’t feeling a strong connection to her ties of her families.
It displays a one-to-few of communication techniques because Jules and Jess had an argument over their relationship with the coach named, Joe, since Jules told Jess that he was off-limits because Jules had her eyes on her but she was mistaken that Joe and Jess were kissing. Jules mom misheard their communication that Jules was hurt from Jess which was a sign of having an affair among themselves describing as lesbians. I learned the values that Jess’s family were important to Indians, some scenes where the British and Indian collided, and lots of miscommunication
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