Bend It Like Beckham Movie Analysis

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“Bend it like Beckham” is a comedy movie about Jess – a 18-year-old girl who belonged to two different cultures. She was born and grew up in London but was raised by an Indian traditional family. Therefore, she herself always tried to balance among inner contrary cultural values. Jess had great passion for football and desired to become a star like her hero, David Beckham, whose posters she adorned her room with. Like her friends, she craved for freedom and her own interest. However, Jess’s parents expressed their strong disapproval of her taste and dream. Instead, they expected her to study law and work as a lawyer. They also hoped that she would marry an Indian man later on and devoted herself to the well-being of her own future family. At last, despite the disagreement from her family, Jess was determined to pursuit her own ambition. From Jess’s story of the contradiction between her wishes and her family’s expectation, the viewers can see the sharp difference between British and Indian cultures. In general, this movie can be considered as a valuable material for intercultural communication teaching and learning. What is more, it is expected to be beneficial to those who would like to explore British and Indian cultures in particular. In this writing, I will deeply analyze two main cultural value concepts including individualism versus collectivism and feminine versus masculine.
To begin with, I would like to mention the India’s collectivism of and Britain’s
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