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Bend it like Beckham is a film about “football” also known as soccer in America. It is based on a young Indian girl named Jesminder “Jess” Bhamra whose dream is to be a professional soccer player one day. However, her immigrant parents who follow Sikh culture and religion are not supportive of her dream. As a young Indian girl from a Sikh family, traditional roles such as cooking should be taught. Jess is supposed to be focused on learning these traditional roles to eventually be married. The movie opens up with a playback of a scene from a soccer game of David Beckham. They somehow incorporated Jess into the match and she is being compared to Beckham as the next best soccer player. Her mom is a guest on the show and the anchors express to Mrs. Bhamra that she must be very proud of her daughter. Mrs. Bhamra then responds by saying “no Jess is bringing shame on the family by running around with all these men and showing her bare legs to 70,000 people. She is bringing…show more content…
There’s a scene in the beginning of the movie where Jules and her mother Mrs. Paxton are shopping for bras. Jules is in no way interested in wearing push up bras. She is only interested in wearing sports bras. Paula believes that Jules should be more feminine. The difference between Jess and Jules is that Jules dad encourages her to play soccer while her mom is against it because it is too masculine. Jess culture also prohibits women from playing sports.
Jess often talks to a poster that she has on her bedroom wall of David Beckham. She wonders if she had an arranged marriage if her husband would allow her to play soccer whenever she wanted to. At gatherings at the Bhamra house Jess is often compared to her sister Pinky. Everyone wants to know is she will have a husband just like her sister. In Indian culture marriages are sometimes arranged. As shown in this movie it is now possible for couple to meet, fall in love and then get

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