Beneath Mulholland Analysis

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“It 's a ghost town rabid underworld / Dionysian night vitriolic twilight / A mirage comes up it never ends”. (Distillers) California is synonymous with the glitz and glamor seen in Hollywood movies. People not living in California fail to see that amongst all the glamour lies cities that at one time were amongst the most dangerous cities. California has a modern noir that resonates in particularly in the city of Los Angles amongst the star stricken Hollywood stars. The song sang by The Distillers “City of Angels” captivities this idea of the melting pot of all that is truly going on in California .David Thomas captivates this in his work “Beneath Mulholland” a famous road that take people from Los Angeles to the San Fernando Valley giving its drivers some of the only siren views of the ghoulish city.. The Glitz and the crime…show more content…
Not every part of Los Angeles would you want to walk down once the sun goes down. California can swallow a person up without hesitation, or have a dream come true. That is where the dread is evident in David Thomas work. Some many people come to California with the aspirations of making it; succeeding is difficult in a place where it is like a revolving door when only a few manage to pass through. It may seem like this would make people not want to come to this state. That is where the real draw to this iconic state lies from the people who tough it out. People who are born and raised here are no exception they are the ones that at first chance are planning their exit strategy. From the few that make it or manage to get by is what makes it that more special. It is hard to just get by in California from the cost of living to the raising prices of gas, but Californians mange every day. Every states has their own niche in which is needed to survive but no state outside of California is more
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