Beneath The Glitter

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It is never interesting to read a book that is quite unrealistic and not suspenseful. People look for something relatable, interesting, and unique to read. The novel, Beneath the Glitter by Elle and Blair Fowler, is not a good book for people who have felt like they have read the same thing over and over and wish to find something different. This book is about two sisters, Ava and Sophia London, whose fashion videos went viral and are now pursuing a makeup and fashion career. They move to Los Angeles in order to achieve their dreams, but eventually get caught in the middle of all the drama. This book is said to reveal the truth about being famous; but fails to do so. To start, the writing in this book is not well developed. There are many…show more content…
Instead, this book has many tiny conflicts that are quite thrown together. The plot is unoriginal and went nowhere. To start, the book starts off with a prologue where Ava and Sophia are being arrested. Most of the book seems like well over extended introduction to the prologue. The crime scene does not come into play until the last couple chapters; which the readers often forget about since the rest of the book is so unrelated. Also, the point of a book is to tell a story. This book does not have much of conclusion and ends with them going to jail. There were many questions left unanswered in this book and as a reader this book seems half-finished. Next, major details were missing throughout the book and this leaves the reader confused. In one chapter, Ava goes to the beach at four in the morning to help save some dogs from a high tide because she volunteers at a pet shelter. Her partner, Dalton says they only have about an hour to save the dogs. Once they save the dogs, the next scene is at a meeting that started at noon and Ava is late. All we know is, “We had to rappel down the seawall to the beach. Then I calmed the mother down- she was so terrified she couldn’t tell the difference between a friend or an enemy- and Dalton gathered up the puppies” (Fowler 128). The readers do not know what Ava was doing after they recused the dogs for seven hours. To conclude, the readers are left with many questions and in confusion because of the thrown together plot in Beneath the

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