Beneatha Under The Sun Character Analysis

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What makes a person strong? Their ability to stand up to those they care about and respect? Or maybe their unforgiving passion for their dreams? Arguably these are all traits that a young African-American feminist would need In the 1950s. Thankfully, Beneatha Younger possesses these amazing qualities and is, therefore, able to face trials and difficulties that come when one pursues a career as a female African American Doctor. Despite the traits that make her an amazing and complex character, her main plot line in the play is choosing between two male figures both of who do not respect her as a future doctor or as women. The people who matter the most in her life put more pressure on her to marry a man than they do to achieve Her dreams.…show more content…
Beneatha seems to almost worship his culture and sophistication, Whether or not this is because she actually does appreciate his cultureOr if it's just different than Cheezies to is up to the reader to Interpret. The Song DynastyStereotypical nice guy that is often depicted in Literature. He loves this girl he knows he's going to bring her back to lavish gifts heSeemingly supports her dream. Under the dream-like golden surfaceEpisode of personalityLyrics a manipulative and rude man Who shows no respect for the knee so or the other woman in his life. The first appearance is when he arrives at the other house after being away in Canada for the summer break. She shows and almost Idolisation towards himAnd his way of lifeHowever I was like it talking he proposes that he word relationship to become romantic and when sh Denies HimHe argues that the flats women should only Want a romantic relationship showing that his sophistication isn't as great as the niece had previously believed. Despite this as they argue about guys laughed at her and telling her entire description of the world almost ridiculousHe just messaged her ideas and beliefs towards civil rights and Accusing her of being an assimilationist. Later on in the playerI saw a guyArrives at the younger apartments after Benitez found out that her brother Walter has wasted all the money that was saved for her education she is extremely distraught and seeks comfort in a saga. He proves
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