Benedick And Beatrice In Much Ado About Nothing

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In the play Much Ado About Nothing the characters Don Pedro, Benedick and Beatrice are significant to the plot of the story and the development of many characters, including themselves. Don Pedro was intended to be married because of his high status, but ended the play a bachelor. Benedick and Beatrice both show off their strengths as individuals. These three characters demonstrate that future happiness does not depend on finding a romantic partner. Beatrice is introduced in the play as a witty, sarcastic character who can withstand the teasing that Benedick who can withstand Benedick’s teasing and is able to counter it herself . When the messenger tells the townspeople that Don Pedro and his soldiers will be arriving in Messina Leonato says, “There is a kind of merry war betwixt Signior Benedick and her. They never meet but there’s a skirmish of wit between them” (1.1.59-62). This is evidence that Beatrice is a strong character because she is able to bear the sarcasm from Benedick, and the mirth that comes from her uncle and many other characters. She is not demure and withdrawn like Hero, who did not have much to say through the play. Hero only really spoke when Claudio and Don Pedro accused her of being unfaithful and…show more content…
Don Pedro lacks the time in finding a soulmate because he is so busy finding ones for his best friends. Beatrice often shows that she doesn’t want to be married and could carry her character with dignity without being romantically involved with Benedick. Much Ado About Nothing also portrays Beatrice’s strength through her constant comments on marriage, inequality between men and women in the dueling sphere and how everyone should respond to Claudio’s outrageous accusation. Benedick shows the same type of strength in various ways including the success in the war and respecting the opinions of females in the
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