Falling In Love Benedick Analysis

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Benedick: a “self proclaimed bachelor”, speaks about his dramatically transformed attitude towards women, love, and marriage
Falling in Love is Uncontrollable
It hasn’t been a long time since Benedick, Beatrice’s male counterpart, was fond of criticizing women and enjoyed ‘skirmishes of wit’ as a brave soldier. Benedick, wearing a suit and a bowtie, enters the coffee shop in a fashionable manner. I was shocked by his debonair look; only having been married for a month, his style definitely changed. His hair glistened with wax, and his white beard was trimmed neatly. His big blue eyes were so mesmerizing that it could captivate anyone for even the slightest of the moment. Blending into the red walls of the shop, he walks down the red carpet, visually appealing to any
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Okay, so Benedick explains that in the beginning he was a man who was critical of women and thought they would always cheat on their husbands. Yeah, this was the reason why he would only marry the ideal woman who possessed qualities such as being rich, virtuous, wise, fair, mild, noble, a good conversationalist, and a musician. But now, he seems to regret his old views he held about women saying, “If you lose your identity as a man and devote yourself as a soldier, you fear love.”

“Another man is a fool when he dedicates his behaviors to love,” says Benedick as he recalls when he was surprised by the changes in Claudio’s behavior, and thought that a man can be so easily fooled by love(Act 2, Scene 3). After that incident, Benedick reveals that he was jealous that Claudio was lighthearted, in a very happy mood, fashionable, and soft-spoken. And for a man who had kept Claudio as his best friend, Benedick was lonely after he was the only bachelor left. What a coincidence! At that moment, he realized that she was a bachelorette too. He adds that there was something so similar between them that had probably led them to where they are now:
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