Benedick's Much Ado About Nothing

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Moliere era was in the 17th century in France. It is a time of change and cultural transformation. France culture is not advanced due to the civil war and influenced by Italy culture in the design of their theatrical architecture. Women were allowed on stage. Shakespeare era is during a remarkable period of England history. It is the Elizabethan era, when Queen Elizabeth I reign in England (1558 -1603). People go to theatre to be entertained. It was when England establishes a leading military and commercial power in the Western world. The queen recognizes the importance of literary culture though women are not allowed on stage; hence men play multiple rolls in a play. Beatrice is the supporting actress in much ado about nothing play by…show more content…
He likes giving advice on issues; like when Claudio ask him what he thinks of Hero, when he advises Leonato to consider the priest advice in order to get to the bottom of the issue between Hero and Claudio, and Don Pedro on how to woo Hero. He expresses his dislike for women openly and vowed not to marry. However, when one of the maid read his note about his feelings for Beatrice he decides to ask Beatrice to marry him. In the play much ado about nothing, Don John is the bastard brother of Don Pedro. He lives in the shadow of his brother Don Pedro because bastards are lookdown upon. He is an unhappy and bitter man because of the stigma of bastard on him. He trys to foil the relationship between Hero, the daughter of Leonato and Claudio but he get caught. Edmund is the bastard son of Earl Gloucester in King Lear play by Shakespeare. He is jealous of his brother Edgar the legitimate son of Gloucester. He plots to kill his father and brother in order to inherit his father’s property. He manipulates his brother to think that his father is against him, which makes Edgar left their house and become a beggar in the street. He almost succeeds in all his scheme until he repents and confesses before he died from the wound in the duel with his
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