Benedict Arnold: A True Hero

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George Washington. Abraham Lincoln. Martin Luther King Jr. When you hear these names, what do you think of? To many people, all of these men are heroes and have helped our beloved country become what it is today; Benedict Arnold should be right up there with them. Benedict Arnold was born on January 14, 1741 as the sixth Benedict Arnold (Sheinkin 4). He was a great man, a man of pride and honor, and a man who helped our country gain independence from England. Anyone who is capable of doing that should be labeled as a hero. Although some people may classify him as a traitor because of some choices he made in his later life, Arnold is still a hero because of his bravery and intelligence, and his determination and leadership. Bravery is a trait…show more content…
During his attack on Quebec, “Arnold seriously wounded his knee” (“Benedict Arnold”). After a serious gunshot wound to the knee, most people would not want to go back into combat, but Arnold was so determined to help the colonies that he did go back into combat. In the battle at Saratoga, “[Arnold] was shot in the same leg as before, giving him a serious limp thereafter” (“Benedict Arnold”). This shows that even with the risk of getting shot again, Arnold was determined to go back into combat and fight for his independence. Finally, Arnold was a calm and focused leader. For example, when the British ships saw Arnold and his fleet, Arnold did not panic. Instead, he kept everyone calm and came up with a plan to escape the British fleet. This shows how great of a leader Arnold was. He made sure that everyone stayed calm and he came up with a plan in little to no time. Unquestionably, Arnold’s determination and great leadership make him one of America’s greatest heroes. There are many different types of heroes. War heroes, civil rights heroes, even sports heroes. Not only is Benedict Arnold a war hero, he is also an American hero. He contributed so much to help the Americans win the war it is almost unimaginable. Put yourself in Arnold’s shoes. If you did all the great things Arnold did for America, would you consider yourself a hero? If it were up to me, I would say
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