Benedict Arnold Traitors

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The Continental Army was a major activist group,wanting to change the ways of the British Army for many reasons but mainly for taxing the civilians without consulting the local governing bodies of the colonies. To solve this issue the Continental Army was formed on June 14th, 1775 to fight against the British forces and Benedict Arnold was one of the Continental Army’s most important leaders who provided soldiers hope and passion into achieving a new nation. Benedict Arnold played a major part for the colonists but he is also one of America’s most infamous traitors, who joined the British in an attempt to get money and a high military ranking in exchange for the plans to west point. He and Major Jon Andre would meet up in a discreet place to trade the plans but they got caught in…show more content…
Since Andre was in a pinch and had to return to the ship by land, Benedict supplied the British spy with plainclothes and a passport to help him return safely to the warship, but most importantly, gave him the plans on how to capture West Point. After a day of riding undetected, Andre stopped in Tarrytown by three armed militiamen who he mistook for British Loyalists. The men suspected something unusual about him and took him into custody where they easily found the poorly hidden plans for West Point in Major Jon Andre’s boot. On September 24th Arnold knew Major Jon Andre would expose him as a traitor and was forced to retreat. Fully aware of the consequences of high treason, hanging, Arnold rushed down a small path near the Robinson house, leaving his wife Margarete and newborn child behind. He then later fled to an overlook where he commanded the bargemen to row him promptly down the river to the HMS, and safely made it to British territory where he avoided being
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