Benedictine University Student Analysis

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“The best way to find yourself is to lose yourself in the service of others,” a famous quote stated by Mahatma Gandhi. At the beginning of the school year, I told myself that I wanted to become more active and involved at Benedictine University. I participated in a few events during my freshman year and because I found enjoyment in those activities, I wanted to do more throughout my sophomore year. This year, I was able to participate twice in the Young Hearts for Life event that was held two times on campus. I volunteered in performing numerous electro-cardiogram (ECG) screening examinations for the student athletes of Benedictine University. The purpose of these examinations was to identify if the student was at risk for life threatening…show more content…
Although time and my age can attribute to those changes, I believe that it is not one’s age that makes them mature, but it is the actions of the individual that does. My experiences in volunteering and leadership positions at Benedictine University and giving back to my community by volunteering on the Medical-Surgical floor of Adventist Bolingbrook Hospital for six months have shaped my identity and mindset of the person I am today. My character has grown by developing more confidence and courage towards getting involved and I am not as shy with trying new things. Not only have I grown personally, but also I feel that I have also grown professionally. My experience with hospital volunteering and involvement with Pre-Physical/Occupational Therapy Club provided me with more exposure to the medical field. I learned how to approach various people I could encounter in my desired career path, physical therapy. With intelligent professionals, such as doctors and nurses, I gained knowledge on how to formally communicate with them and follow the tasks I am given. Regarding the patients of the hospital and their families, I learned how to show compassion and generosity towards strangers that have been stricken by misfortune. An important life lesson that I have acquired throughout the year is that when being involved with volunteer and leadership experience, the greatest reward is not being paid in money or recognition, but being paid in love. The people you provide service to may forget what you said and did, however, they will never forget how it made them
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