Benefit Of Eating Eggs

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Amazing benefits of eggs
(+5 refreshing recipes)
Eggs are a vital ingredient to many recipes. While eggs have constantly made the headlines in weight loss news due to its high cholesterol content, many people neglect to highlight the fact that it hosts other important nutrients as well. This is not helped by the fact that recommended cholesterol intake is restricted at 300 mg per day but an egg’s cholesterol content comes in at a staggering 150 mg approximately. Fortunately, eggs have enjoyed a slightly improved reputation in recent years. This is largely due to the dispute over whether the cholesterol content in eggs are as bad as first thought.
A joint initiative between Harvard, USA and Tongji Medical College, China was set
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Also helps in cell membrane functions
 Selenium – Provides protection against oxidative damage
While this list only highlights the major benefits of eggs, there are many other advantages of eating eggs. Nonetheless, the fundamental point has been proven beyond reasonable doubt. A healthy consumption of eggs restricted at not more than 1 egg per day provides a wide range of benefits that are essential towards the normal functionality of our body. Furthermore, it is clearly evident that the positive elements of egg consumption far outweigh its sole disadvantage of high cholesterol content.
Possessing the statistical knowledge of eggs itself is irrelevant towards absorbing its benefits. We must be equipped with the necessary skills and technical expertise to effectively incorporate it into our diet. Inadequate recipes normally dissolve the potential benefits of eggs and only leaves behind its high cholesterol content. List below are 5 healthy egg dietary suggestions to help our body absorb fully absorb its vitamins and minerals.
1. Loaded Scrambled Eggs
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Toast the English muffins and place them on a cookie sheet. Top each piece with slices of tomatoes and sprinkle some mozzarella cheese. Lastly, place each half of the eggs on top and broil until the cheese melts.
The versatility of this dish means that it can be taken as a breakfast meal or can be easily prepared as a snack. For added health benefits, add in light doses of olive oil.
3. Asparagus and Soft Eggs on Toast
Season bread and asparagus with oil and ½ teaspoon of salt and pepper. Broil the bread for up to 2 minutes, and the asparagus for approximately 10 minutes. Next, submerge the eggs in boiling water and reduce heat gradually for 6 minutes. Once done, peel the eggs and serve on top of the bread and asparagus combination.
To further enhance the taste, parmesan cheese can be sprinkled to this dish. The ease of preparation makes this dish suitable for any time of the day. While it cannot be served as a main dish, it does present itself as a healthy snack.
4. Skillet Soufflé

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