Benefit Of Gun Control Essay

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Benefits of Gun Control There are many reasons why Gun Control should be in existence. One of the biggest reasons for passing gun control laws is that generally, the most violent crimes are committed with guns, mainly assault weapon style guns, therefore it is a good idea to attempt to limit firearms that are not needed in civilian lives. Individuals who have been bullied in the past, have issues with co-workers, as well as people who are not in the right state of mind, etc. may be less likely or able to obtain a weapon to inflict a massive amount of damage on another person or institution. Many people argue that since guns are legalized to begin with, there is an easier chance of a gun falling into the wrong hands and being used for the wrong…show more content…
This causes an issue, since law-abiding citizens would no longer have guns to defend themselves, while criminals would have them regardless of laws. Guns also have a tendency to deter a criminal, based on the fact that any victim may have possession of a gun. Women and some weaker individuals have no means of self-defense from rape and assault, and many women want to arm themselves and be able to defend themselves. Often times, police are too busy to protect every citizen, and guns tend to help, since they provide law-abiding citizens with a means of self-defense. Many pro-gun supporters say that banning guns will both “create another potentially large source of organized criminal revenue, as a black market for guns will sure develop”, and “take away yet another piece of our liberty, which is one more step to socialism and totalitarianism” (Messerli). Supporters also say that reasonable gun control and gun safety education can be more enforced, so large-scale weapon bans are not necessary. Law abiding citizens who own guns are able to protect themselves against government tyranny, if issues were ever to arise. Lastly, many supporters of guns state that an attempt to ban guns is a violation of our Second Amendment
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