Being An Honors Student Essay

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Benefits of Reading for Honors Students
Seated in their classrooms, all around the world, almost everyday students are sitting in their courses ready to learn, listen, and discuss in class. Honors students do the same, but dig deeper into their curriculum along with analyzing the given material to thoroughly reach their full, academic potential. With high expectations around them and expectations held for themselves, these students have many lessons to learn about life and themselves if they truly wish to reach their high expectations of success filled futures. Reading can be the teacher of these lessons for those students as the books gift them with lessons which will last not only for their academic careers but a lifetime. When it comes to being a higher functioning student, high goals for the future tend to follow. These students are working hard, motivated by the idea of employment after their academic careers. Employment is a common goal among many, but how do these honors students get there? The response is through reading. “By reading regularly, you are constantly learning about people and places. You find yourself
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Knowledge is how they can feel assured they are able to reach their long-term goals and their full potential. Having an understanding of the world is crucial for honors students. These students have bright futures, but even those with bright futures need a thorough understanding of other cultures and societies. Books can transport the students all over the world to different continents, countries, and cities all while pulling the reader into the pages causing them to feel as if they have left and experienced places they never dreamed they would be able to go to. With reading, the students can learn about cultural differences. For example, it may come as a shock to some students, as it did for me, that in North Korea “Among the elite in Pyongyang, one of the most

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