Benefit Of Space Exploration

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Ever since humans looked up to the sky they wonder about space and the mysteries they hold. The expansion of human potential in space will be one of the humans race’s greatest accomplishment because it will lead us to new resources and expand humanity to make it happen, we are inventing new spacecrafts and technology to travel to different “worlds”.
There are many conversation about how we can get to different planets. One interesting conversation is about NASA’s 100 Year Starship Project. In an article by Reed she talks about the 100 year project mission is to make a spacecraft to fly to another solar system within 100 years. NASA seeks to foster innovation and enthusiasm for interstellar travel but they aren 't really concerned about
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The expansion of space exploration come benefits. One of the first benefits of space exploration is the technology that we would have. One of the most direct benefits is that space exploration can make new jobs for people and take them to new places. Education can benefit by space exploration it can find new elements it can also add to new science and information to the world. Education has already benefits some from space exploration. Ever since astronauts aboard the ISS have been able to video chat with earth they have educated the children of earth, Even today they are still doing this (Howell). Humanity can also benefit by the exploration of space by getting new material and resources for the world. The Moon has 3 cultural elements that we could use for humainy one is water which is essential to life, Helium 3 which is used in nuclear fusion and rare earth metals which we use in our modern day technology (Desjardins). “as long as humans remain on a single planet, we are at risk of extinction when disaster strikes” (Steltzner). This shows that if we don 't go to new planets that we will run out of resources cases and material and eventually lead to extinction. One of the benefits most people want is that we find life among the stars. If we find life they could introduce us to other civilization and help us expand humanity. Medicine is also benefited by space exploration. In the ISS scientist have study how different things react in a microgravity like virus. We have improved the vaccines we use for those viruses and because we have made more vaccines it saves peoples life from tragic illness caused by the virus. Even the technology that Nasa has made for space has been modified and now helps us in our everyday lives and technology that help with saving lives. Firefighter gear has been improved by space exploration and has helped them with stand hotter environment then they
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