Benefit Of Summer Vacation

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Is summer vacation beneficial or not? It is a controversial subject that has more evidence suggesting its benefits such as improving physical and mental health, overpowering contradicting evidence. Summer vacation is a must-have since it effectively contributes to the student’s overall health, and can even aid in their performance. One of the main advantages of having a summer vacation is that it relieves stress. Multiple studies have shown that many common health conditions such as headaches, cancer and even cardiovascular diseases are directly linked to stress due to having a weaker immune system (Reynolds). The immunity system is the body 's way of defending our organs and tissues from diseases. Stress creates chronic inflammatory conditions such as diabetes and cancer and therefore weakens the immune system and causes the illnesses. Even though these diseases can 't happen overnight, it was shown and proven that taking a summer vacation positively affected the students by reducing the chance of them catching the sicknesses and possibly passing it down onto later generations (DiCorleto 2016). Furthermore, another major benefit of the vacation is that it helps all students regather and drastically improve their performance for the upcoming academic year. : A well-known firm called Ernst and Young conducted a study on its employees and found out that for each extra 10 hours of vacation taken, 8% of their performance ratings were increased (Healthnet 2016). That is a very

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