Benefit Of Technology In The Classroom

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Avery Mollet Justin Gray Composition 1 November 8, 2016 How Technology Benefits the Classroom No matter what level of education a person is in, technology plays a big role in modern generations. Whether it’s from different ways of learning or to better the preparation of the real world environment. Classrooms in modern day time have the same layout and style as classrooms in the 1920s, which alone says all that needs to be said about that there needs to be a change and an advancement of technology in the average classroom. Even though there’s one big reason, there is still many more reasons to support this. Another one that is really important that really prepares students for the real world. Almost everything in the daily life as an adult deals with technology and the more we get kids and students to learn about and with technology, the more experienced they will be when they are adults and go out on their own. What student would not want to work with technology or a computer? Almost every kid would love to work with one, which makes the classroom a happier place, which in return makes students want to learn. With that technology and wanting to learn, they will want to go out on their own and learn more about the subject they are learning. Technology in classrooms should be supplemental to the everyday classroom. The biggest reason is that there has been very little change in classroom for the past century. There have been some schools which have already largely
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