Benefit Of The Potsdam Declaration

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Lancelot C Discussing the “Potsdam Declaration” In 1945,the Nazi fascists were terminated in a German city. Meanwhile, there also started the annihilation of the Japanese fascists. The top three most powerful men at that time, Winston Churchill, Joseph Stalin and Harry Truman, as the image above shows, had a sensational meeting and made a significant declaration issued in that German city. Those three men, and that declaration, had a crucial impact on World War II, especially in reference to China. Their endeavors successfully caused the unconditional surrender of the Japanese Empire, the reunification of China with its lost territory, and the cause of Chinese’s revenge for Japanese barbarous deed upon Chinese people. The city was Potsdam, and the declaration was the famous “Potsdam Declaration”. The prolonged Pacific War caused an enormous amount of death and a huge damages, However, fortunately, The Potsdam Declaration was beneficial in that it ended the Pacific War. The Potsdam Declaration was announced on July 26. On July 16, the atomic bomb was first tested. On July 28th, two days after the Potsdam Declaration, Prime Minister Kantaro-Suzuki stated that,"We will ignore the Potsdam Declaration". His words were later used as one excuse for dropping the atomic bomb.[ Suzuki, T. (2004). "Why was the A-bomb dropped on hiroshima?". Peace Research, 36(2), 87-IV. Retrieved from (Accessed March,
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