Essay On Social Media Ruining Society

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Thirty years ago, the concept of social media would have seemed impossible. A place where a person can show everyone they know what they are doing in two seconds from any city seems insane. Today, it is the daily ritual of the average teenager, including myself. I start my mornings looking at Instagram and end my nights looking at Snapchat. The middle of the day is for YouTube. I have used social media for around five years. This is a topic I am interested in since it takes up most of my day. This is something I enjoy, but this might not be the healthiest hobby. Everyone has their own opinions about social media. Some love it, others say social media is ruining society. I find this fascinating and I believe everyone should have their opinions heard. Social media has changed countless people’s lives, including my own. Social media apps are one of the most popular uses for a person’s phone. There are dozens of possible social media apps a person can borrow. This shows how much of an impact social media platforms have made. The most popular YouTube account has over fifty million subscribers. The most popular account on Instagram…show more content…
There are parts of social media that spark curiosities every day. For example, what are the benefits and disadvantages of social media? Social media apps have affected the human race so much, but how? How has it changed society? There so many facts about social media that we accept without learning them. How did social media become so popular in so little time? I hope to find the answer to these questions. I want to know what social media has done for society and if we actually need social media. There have been many milestones in the social media, which means there will be many more to come. What will happen next? Will it be satisfactory? Social media is a fascinating part of life. It is a part of life that has so many more unanswered questions than people
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