Benefits Of A College Athlete

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College Athlete or Employee?
According to the NCAA, more than 460,000 student athletes compete in NCAA sporting events every year. Could you imagine being one of those athletes? Picture devoting 40 hours or more of your week practicing to perform for the NCAA, an organization that pulls in an average of one billion dollars every year, knowing that every time you step on the field you could be risking serious injury. On top off all that, guess how much money you 're making? Zero. Now picture trying to make time for a part time job along with your schoolwork and 40 hours of your week dedicated to your sport. It is nearly impossible. College athletes should receive some sort of payment for performing as they simply do not have enough time left to work a job. They are also risking serious injury and putting their bodies on the line every time the complete.
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If you have a steady full-time job, I would be confident in assuming that you get in on average about 40 hours a week. Would you be surprised if I told you that college athletes spend just as much, if not more time a week practicing and performing? Believe or not, this claim is 100% true. In fact, according to a past lawsuit against the University of North Carolina and the NCAA, college athletes spend 40 or more hours a week on average, devoted to their sport. This brings me to one of the biggest reasons that I believe college athletes should be paid, which is that they simply have no time between sports and school work to get a job for themselves to make any money. How could you expect one
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